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Welcome to Ekosofia AB

Profitability and credibility through environmental awareness

Ekosofia AB is a consultancy in the environmental field dedicated to sustainable development. We show our clients how to achieve increased profitability and credibility through environmental awareness. We act as a discussion partner and qualified adviser and can be engaged on a continuous basis or on a single task.

Communication is our primary tool - the ability to initiate and sustain a meaningful dialog.

Our clients are companies and organizations, big and small, private or publicly owned, in all lines of business and all fields of interests in any geografical location.

We are dedicated to helping our clients to see the advantages and possibilities of their entire organisation working with the environment in mind. Some of the benefits we see are increased income, decreased costs, improved productivity and quality, increased commitment from employees, quality conscious suppliers and being a good citizen.

Our activities are based on "ecosophy" (deep ecology), a concept that was first developed by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess during the nineteen-sixties. While ecology deals with a knowledge of the environment and the ecosystems within it, Naess emphasised that "ecosophy" deals with insight, awareness and wisdom concerning environmental matters.

Credibility is a key factor if you want to be successful, both in environmental work as such and in communicating environmental concern - internally and externally. Some of the elements that are crucial in order to obtain and maintain credibility are taking a comprehensive view and being committed, consistent, open and aware.

Ekosofia AB was founded in 1993 by Bill Romanus and Magnus Ruberg.

A Range of Services

We are a consultancy within the environmental field. We dedicate ourselves to creating a credible and sustainable environmental performance within companies and organisations. We integrate your environmental work with the business and we also show the various possibilities that signify a sustainable environmental performance. We are experts in communication - in starting a dialogue.

We act as a discussion partner and qualified adviser and can be engaged on a continuous basis or on a single task. We bring you our knowledge and experience in the form of a work/reference group, or as an individual consultant. To the right you are welcome to read more about the services we provide.

For further information please contact:
Magnus Ruberg, managing director, senior consultant and partner, 
phone +46 708 359580, or
Bill Romanus, senior consultant and partner,
phone +46 708 359480,

Our services include:

  • Business Intelligence – from an environmental perspective
  • Development seminars for company management
  • Initial review of environmental and business aspects
  • Implementation of an environmental management system
  • Education and training in environmental issues
  • Communication in environmental issues
  • Analysis of the consistency of environmental communication